How A Childhood Trauma Survivor Helps Others

Childhood Trauma

“After all those years, the child inside of me was still afraid.”

Charisma and emotional intelligence are key character traits of a motivational leader. As a result of his life’s journey, therapist and wellness expert Shawn Quinlivan possesses a potent combination of both. Shawn’s story of overcoming childhood trauma and abuse at the hands of his father, a Korean War veteran, resonates deeply with people from all walks of life. As a successful corporate restructuring professional with 25 years of experience, Shawn came to a defining crossroads when hypnotherapy helped him finally deal with the post traumatic stress disorder that had haunted his life. He awakened to the realization that there was a more important meaning to his existence, and he embarked upon a new journey with a clear purpose: helping others conquer fear.

Innovative Programs & Practices

As Founder of Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery in Los Angeles, California, Shawn specializes in personal development, mindfulness training, holistic health and workplace wellness. Via private therapy, presentations, workshops, training events, and his expert partnership in the unique online wellness community Your Wellness Room—used by Kaiser Permanente and other notable companies—his nationally recognized programs and practices help clients make positive changes in their lives. At the heart of his approach is helping people understand the primal nature of love and fear, and how they function as the fundamental forces of motivation in our lives.

“We encounter a myriad of motivational challenges in life, yet the essential question is always to same: Where is the fear and how can love diffuse it?”

A Personal Message

Having captivated and inspired audiences on a variety of stages and platforms, including educational institutions, corporations, and philanthropic organizations, Shawn shares this message:

Shawn picture-52

Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht.

My father was a combat veteran who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. He witnessed and participated in atrocities during the Korean War. He made life altering self-sacrifices and lived with horrors that were not entirely of his choosing. He was predisposed to violent and abusive episodes that he could not control, and inflicted a legacy of rage, vengeance and sorrow upon those who loved him the most. Overcoming the trauma of my relationship with him provided profound meaning and purpose to experiences which once seemed hopelessly tragic and senseless. The unique insights I gained were life-changing, and it became my personal mission to help others solve their suffering by sharing what I have learned.

I cannot call my traumas war stories—those belonged to my father. My suffering was not his suffering; my terror was not his terror; my sacrifices were not his sacrifices. I was blessed with a vision of making his tragic life stand for something noble, and that is how helping people conquer fear became my mission.”

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