Hypnosis Is A Naturally Occurring Altered State Of Consciousness

Hypnosis is a pleasant and comfortable state of mental and physical relaxation. Your mind is very alert, you are aware of your surroundings and you are capable of hearing everything being said. While in the hypnotic state, you are receptive to positive ideas and suggestions that are aligned with your desires and ambitions.

A clarity of goals and purpose may arise in your thoughts and the sensation of ‘oneness,’ the merging of mind, body, and spirit, is often present. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon we all experience on a daily basis—being entranced while listening to music, or falling in love, or becoming totally absorbed in a book or movie—are all examples of hypnosis as it naturally occurs. And you are likely familiar with the term “highway hypnosis,” which is used to caution against the trance state that often happens to us while driving.   Learn more . . .

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