Therapeutic Imagery

Sensual Visualization Techniques Drastically Shift Your Perspective

What Is Therapeutic Imagery?

Therapeutic imagery utilizes sensual visualization as a potent motivational process. The five senses filter message units from your daily life and store them as picture stories in the subconscious mind; these become your memories and you develop positive and negative associations to them. These memories and associations represent the knowns of your existence, the collection of your experiences, and comprise your life script. Therapeutic imagery is a means to cast these picture stories into a different light, shifting perspective and challenging your physiology, the established mental and emotional responses that are triggered by your associations to these known experiences. A fabulous and proven technique incorporating universal symbols, archetypes, and metaphors from your personal dialogue and belief system, therapeutic imagery empowers you to encounter life in new and enlightened ways—to rediscover and re-imagine yourself—and to rewrite a more effective and rewarding life script.

Why Is Therapeutic Imagery Effective?

We all have favorite locations we have visited, trips we have taken, and cherished places and occasions we remember, where moments of revelation—the sense of stepping outside of ourselves—rendered our lives profoundly meaningful, full of purpose and direction. We may recall the tastes and smells of foods we ate, the temperature and scents of the air around us, the music we heard, and the heightened feeling of well being; these kinds of representations are our images. The essence of therapeutic imagery is to engage these images to help visualize goals and ambitions, to focus the mind on what we truly want and deserve in life, such as health, happiness, and prosperity, and forge those desires into reality. 

How Do Trance States & Therapeutic Imagery Work Together?

Guided Meditation

By combining cognitive counseling, enhancement of receptivity through trance states such as hypnosis and meditation, and the visualization techniques of therapeutic imagery, the synergy of your mind can be tapped to manifest goals and seek fulfillment in infinite measures. Your innate ability to achieve your desires, dreams and ambitions, and to conquer obstacles in order to find your chosen life path, reveals itself in astonishingly meaningful and insightful ways. In discovering and engaging your individual images, the deepest parts of your consciousness are compelled to face and overcome challenges in a manner which many find to be both valiant and heroic, a kind of journey that, once recognized, cannot be refused.  Learn more . . .

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