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“Still yourself. Breathe. Connect.” 

What Is Mindfulness?

Take a deep breath. Match your inhale to your exhale. Now repeat this deep, measured breathing and focus your attention on it. Notice the air moving. Touch your thumbs and fingertips together; wiggle your toes. Observe yourself in relation to the space around you. Simply be present with yourself . . . in this moment. Let go of all resistance, expectation and judgment. Just allow yourself to experience the here and now.

This is what is known as a mindfulness moment. The essence of mindfulness is utilizing focused breathing to become truly present in the moment. The most effective way to master this subtle yet remarkable skill is through mindfulness meditation, which is a western, non-sectarian, research-based form of meditation derived from the ancient Buddhist practice known as Insight Meditation.

In this brief presentation, Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht. discusses breath control as the fundamental element of mindfulness:


Thousands of studies conducted by hundreds of independent researchers have demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness meditation in reducing stress, managing emotional reactivity, improving focus and concentration, and treating an array of medical and mental health related conditions. It is being widely used in business to facilitate healthy and productive environments and positive workplace culture.

Learning & Development

Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery offers a proprietary platform entitled Mastering Mindfulness®, which consists of guided meditations and mindfulness moments presented in video format. This integrative and humanistic program distinguishes itself from impersonal guided meditation apps by utilizing a mentoring and coaching approach for learning meditation and mindfulness, and is designed to include customized cognitive components that can be developmentally expanded into an E-Learning platform.

In this brief presentation, Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht. discusses why meditation is the core element of mindfulness:


The Mastering Mindfulness® platform consists of inventively crafted meditative exercises that help participants quickly learn and immediately experience the profound benefits of meditation. Progressive relaxation techniques, story-form imagery and immersive sound healing atmospheres gently influence brainwave patterns and facilitate rejuvenating and enlightening experiences. Learn more . . .

Seminars & Interactive Events

Learning and development programs utilizing online technology and live presentations that support the Mastering Mindfulness® platform can be customized and designed to specific industry needs and target audiences. Utilizing motivational techniques and experiential learning, participants gain a working knowledge of how the practice of mindfulness enhances personal success and creates a more positive and productive workplace. Learn more . . .

The Mastering Mindfulness® Tool Box

The Mastering Mindfulness® platform accelerates success by enhancing the inherent bounty of human connection. The disciplines, practices and interactive techniques teach participants to pay deliberate attention to the current moment without opinion, anticipation or attachment to outcomes. Unproductive thoughts, anxious emotions and negative behaviors are diffused, facilitating a positive mindset of commitment, resolve and resilience.

In this brief presentation, Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht. discusses a critical aspect of mindfulness and how it positively impacts our pathway through life:


Mastering Mindfulness® illuminates the dynamics of self-awareness, self-possession, and cognitive empathy, promoting emotional intelligence and a framework of personal and relational success. Participants embrace a more profound sense of their unique value and worth within the broader context of human potential. Individuals and organizations become more actualized through the power of presence and compassion, which enhances focus, mitigates fear-based responses and inspires leaders, teams, and workforces to connect and thrive.

Shawn picture-52

Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht.

Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery specializes in innovative approaches to mindfulness learning. Via private coaching, workshops, training events, e-learning solutions and our partnership in the unique online wellness community Your Wellness Room—used by Kaiser Permanente, EFactor and other notable companies—our nationally recognized programs and practices help people and organizations make positive changes.  

To discuss designing a workshop or presentation for your organization, business, group, or team, please contact Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery today.  We will work with you to address all of the necessary logistics for a successful and meaningful learning event.


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