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Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht.

Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery specializes in innovative approaches to mindfulness learning, workplace wellness and personal development. Via private coaching, presentations, workshops, training events, and our partnership in the unique online wellness community Your Wellness Room—used by Kaiser Permanente, EFactor and other notable companies—our nationally recognized programs and practices help people and organizations make positive changes. Please call for a free consultation at (818) 512-4371 or contact us via email. 

Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness Meditation Training

Mindfulness Training Builds Productive Teams & Effective Leaders At Every Organizational Level

Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery tailors interactive learning events to the specific needs of organizations and companies. We focus workforces at all levels to attract success by embracing leadership values and ownership of the culture. Traditional views of the business world are challenged with visualization and linguistic techniques to engage the power of consciousness in the present moment, translating into an experience that is far more than mere inspiration and motivation. Participants learn precisely how to integrate the elements of emotional intelligence into their professional lives in order to achieve success and build a more positive and productive environment.

Companies like Google, General Mills, Aetna, and Apple are among those that have embraced this new paradigm in training and development. Founder Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht. discusses family structure in the workplace and other aspects of this unique approach to Mindfulness Meditation Training in this video:

 The Narrative Of Success: A Customized Workshop

Success Mindset

Success In Greatly Influenced By The Language Of Our Attitudes & Beliefs

Mindfulness Meditation: The Narrative Of Success is a blueprint for our meditation and mindfulness programs and practices. This groundbreaking approach to team building, leadership and an engaged culture is an unparalleled guideline for achieving personal and organizational success. Combining mindfulness meditation, therapeutic imagery, and motivational journaling techniques to facilitate emotional intelligence, this interactive experience appeals to a diverse demographic of participants and resonates with their deepest attitudes and beliefs about themselves and the success they desire. The content of this seminar is customized and targeted to the specific needs of your organization, group, business, industry, or team.

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To discuss designing a workshop or presentation for your organization, business, group, or team, please contact Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery today.  We will work with you to address all of the necessary logistics for a successful and meaningful learning event.


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