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“The Narrative Of Success”

12832526_lMindfulness Meditation Learning, The Narrative Of Success© is an instructional program utilizing our proprietary meditation and mindfulness techniques. The program includes cognitive and behavioral exercises, mindfulness meditation, therapeutic imagery, and an innovative journaling strategy to catalyze the experience. Participants discover how to identify and clearly define ambitions, learn to positively manage stress and increase the ability to focus and concentrate, and develop a rewarding, self-improvement based framework for actualizing achievement. This interactive approach is specifically designed to positively impact employee engagement, team building, and workplace culture. Executive leadership and management are encouraged to participate in the custom design and implementation of the program.


Participants discover how mindfulness and emotional intelligence are crucial in manifesting positive outcomes in both their careers and personal lives. The experience provides hands-on methods of engaging and nurturing the critical, moment by moment thought processes necessary to identify and overcome negativity and self-defeating behaviors, which are the greatest obstacles to success, personal happiness, and fulfillment.

This training helps participants:

  • Recognize and replace unproductive thoughts and attitudes with positive, purposefully directed self-dialogue for scripting success
  • Effectively utilize meditation and mindfulness practices to reduce stress, manage emotions, and meet goals and objectives
  • Incorporate daily disciplines to attract insight, personal power, and meaningful accomplishment 


This unique approach to meditation and mindfulness practices is tailored for particular industry and workforce demands. To meet the needs of your company, we work closely with senior leadership and management in order to identify and address specific problems. We then customize a program to meet agreed upon goals and objectives using these four motivational categories:

  1. Emotional Intelligence – Our Reality Of Thoughts & Beliefs
  2. Mindful Stress Management – Mindfulness Meditation & Energy Balance
  3. Synergizing The Habit Mind – Affirmations & Beyond
  4. Resistance – Therapeutic Imagery For Discovery & Transformation


  1. Time Frame:  Customized (4 hours minimum)
  2. Maximum participants:  40
  3. Minimum participants:  10
  4. Equipment requirements:  Whiteboard/Laptop/Overhead Projector
  5. Room configuration:  Conference Room
  6. Learning Materials:  Handouts Provided

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Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht.

Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery specializes in innovative approaches to workplace wellness, mindfulness training, and personal development. Via private coaching, presentations, workshops, training events, and our partnership in the unique online wellness community Your Wellness Room—used by Kaiser Permanente, EFactor and other notable companies—our nationally recognized programs and practices help people and organizations make positive changes. Please call for a free consultation at (818) 512-4371 or contact us via email. 


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