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Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery offers a proprietary e-learning platform entitled Mastering Mindfulness®, which consists of guided meditations and mindfulness moments presented in video format. These unique meditative exercises are innovatively designed to help you quickly learn and immediately experience the profound benefits of meditation. Progressive relaxation techniques, story-form imagery and immersive sound healing atmospheres gently influence brainwave patterns and facilitate rejuvenating and enlightening experiences.


Guided Meditations

Our guided meditations are available in three distinctive series, each of which are sequential and incorporate successive elements. This quickens learning and invites the continued exploration of these exercises. Each meditation is a calming yet imaginative inner journey, and you will be compelled to return for your next installment.

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Mindfulness Moments

Our palliative mindfulness moments are designed to augment somatic disciplines practiced in the guided meditations, and consist of various selections from which to choose. The brief exercises in this series are comprised of connective themes and messages that average just over three minutes in length, and combine directed breathing with inspirational imagery that focus you on being present in the moment.

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Mastering Mindfulness® At A Glance

Each series in our Mastering Mindfulness® e-learning platform is available in a separate archive. Every exercise is presented on an individual title page with an embedded link to view the video presentation. The guided meditations also include a visual and textual introduction to the theme, as well as some helpful instructions.

The following is a brief overview of these offerings, including how the user interface appears for each series (please note the previews available above are the first selections from each archive):

I. Guided Meditations For A Mindful Life

Our first series of guided meditations introduces you to our friendly and creative style. You become versed in the fundamentals of meditation through a progression of guided meditative experiences that reduce stress, improve focus and enrich your quality of life.

Archive I Guided Meditations For A Mindful Life

“The fundamentals of meditation.”

     1.  Path Of Tranquility – A Guided Meditation

      2.  The Garden – A Guided Meditation

     3.  Discovery – A Guided Meditation

     4.  The Lake – A Guided Meditation

     5.  The Meadow – A Guided Meditation

     6.   Resistance – A Guided Meditation

     7.   The Mountain – A Guided Meditation

     8.   The Spirit – A Guided Meditation

     9.  Divine Presence – A Guided Meditation

     10.  Inner Strength – A Guided Meditation


II. Guided Meditations For Mind, Body & Spirit 

Our second series further develops your meditation skills. You explore reflective themes of discovery and communion which purposefully invite positive attitudes, perceptions and self-realizations.

Archive II — Guided Meditations For Mind, Body & Spirit

“Reflective themes of discovery and communion.”

     1.   Special Place – A Guided Meditation

     2.   Inner Guide – A Guided Meditation

     3.   Trinity Of Self – A Guided Meditation

     4.   Inner Child – A Guided Meditation

     5.   Finding – A Guided Meditation

     6.   Points Of View – A Guided Meditation

     7.   The Offering – A Guided Meditation

     8.   Secret Dwelling – A Guided Meditation


III. Guided Meditations For Holistic Health 

Our third series takes your mind, body and spirit connection deeper into the continuum of wellness, lifestyle and natural healing. These meditations help align mental, emotional and physical functioning, bringing balance and harmony to your relationship with yourself and the world.

Archive III — Guided Meditations For Holistic Health 

“Balance, harmony and natural healing.”

     1.   Red Rock Desert & The Fire Pit

     2.   The Healing Pool

     3.   Elixir Of Life

     4.   Healing Hands

     5.   Medicine Wheel


IV. Mindfulness Moments

Our mindfulness moments are devised to enhance concentration and serve as touchstones of motivation and unity. We suggest using these calming and introspective pieces to begin meetings, presentations, learning events, or as a way to reset positive intention and resolve. 

Archive IV — Mindfulness Moments

“Reset positive intention and resolve.”

     1.   Move The Mountain

     2.   Ghost Train

     3.   We Are One

     4.  Awakening

     5.  Ancient Voices

     6.  Where Our Dreams Live

     7.  Old Magic

     8.  Roof Of The World


Licensing The Mastering Mindfulness® Series

The Mastering Mindfulness® guided meditations and mindfulness moments series are available for licensing by archive to individuals and organizations. The mindfulness moments can also be licensed singularly. Pricing, subscriptions to new productions, and all other licensing information is available by contacting Deb Helfrich, Director Of Strategic Partnerships, at Insights Occur, (818) 900-2557. You may also contact us directly or email inquiries to: mindfulnesselearning@gmail.com.


Mastering Mindfulness® 

A proprietary E-Learning platform.

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