“The decision to seek out an alternative healing modality is a milestone in and of itself.”

Holistic Health

Holistic health is the functional relationship of the numerous cellular interactions between the endocrine, immune, nervous and stress systems, which profoundly influence physiological and psychological health. The emerging fields of neurophysics, psychoneuroimmunology and biophysics have documented the impact of stress and relaxation on the overall functioning of the body and established a scientific basis for integrating physical, mental, and emotional aspects into the healing process. These studies confirm a biological energy exchange consistent with ancient philosophical concepts and support alternative and complimentary modalities of healing. According to the National Institutes of Health, each year nearly half of Americans utilize some form of traditional or holistic healing.

Scientific evidence has demonstrated that clinical hypnosis and meditation practices biologically affect somatic, cognitive, and affective processes and have become increasingly important in the areas of integrative medicine and holistic health. Randomized and controlled studies, along with medical reports, reviews, and a sizable amount of literature in the fields of health and alternative medicine, indicate the complimentary benefits of these practices in facilitating healing by countering stress, enhancing immune system responses, and empowering individuals to actively participate in their wellness process.

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The Power Of Positive Intention

This brief and inspiring video explores why the power of positive intention is a critical element common to all alternative and holistic healing traditions.

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