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A Wellness Workshop For Life Change

Addictive PersonalitiesSurvey data shows that 10% of your employees have suffered from alcoholism or substance abuse problems, and 38% have family members or close friends who are in recovery from addiction (see article from Partnership For Drug-Free Kids here). Addiction related problems include codependency and dysfunctional relationships, emotional abuse, childhood trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, anger and depression, difficulty coping with stress, and transference of addictions. These problems can negatively impact health and job performance. Meditation and mindfulness training is not intended as an intervention approach, but rather a means to reinforce the recovery process already in place for these employees and their families. The workshop is an effective way to help them continue growing and overcoming the many devastating effects of addiction, including letting go of the past and developing new attitudes and behaviors that promote a supportive, stable, and holistic way of living and interacting with others.

The Successful Outcomes

  1. Motivation and Confidence: The embrace of abstinence, open communication, and functional family and interpersonal behavior is explored and reinforced. Meditation and mindfulness training alters the nature of the relationship participants have had with addiction, with addicted family members, and with codependency and enabling. Rituals, patterns, and triggers related to the behaviors of addiction are identified and replaced with anchors for positive decision making and healthy lifestyle choices.
  2. Overcoming Negative Thinking: Participants realize how their thoughts, emotions, moods, and behaviors have been rooted in the addiction process. Self-esteem, blame, and the traumas of the past are separated from the present. New and liberating insights about the future replace limiting attitudes and beliefs, and participants accept responsibility for their ongoing recovery.
  3. Meditation Skills: Participants learn meditation skills and daily disciplines that deepen their investment in recovery and reinforce subconscious suggestions for a new and healthy mindset. This supports their commitment to themselves and their families, alleviates stress and anxiety, and provides a true means of relaxation and self-fulfillment.

Workshop Description

This wellness workshop takes place over a several week period and consists of three ninety-minute sessions that include imagery and guided meditations, didactic lectures and discussions, and group exercises. Between sessions, participants reinforce positive attitudes and lifestyle choices through meditation practice, homework assignments, and article readings from the materials provided. The in-session curriculum includes the following components:

  • First Session: Orientation, The Science Of Addiction, Mindfulness Journaling, Guided Meditation
  • Second Session: The Psychology Of Addiction, Guided Imagery, Motivational Journaling, Meditation & Mindfulness Training
  • Third Session: Heart Consciousness, Journaling Affirmations, Meditation & Mindfulness Training

Families, Significant Others & Aftercare

Meditation & Mindfulness Training For Addictive Personalities is structured to include family members and significant others. Aftercare is offered on an individual and group basis.

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