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Your Wellness Room: An Innovative Online Platform That Successfully Engages Participants

Workplace Wellness Culture

To engage employees and make their programs effective, successful companies champion wellness as an organizational vision and value, one that is supported by executive leaders and managers at every level. This helps employees and their families improve health by fostering a holistic environment of well being and emphasizing the human elements involved in wellness. Accordingly, it is essential for virtual platforms to convey a broader cultural message of health and wellness, which can only be achieved with imaginative content and design strategy that induces a buy-in from both employees and organizations.

Bridging The Virtual Wellness Gaps

The success of workplace wellness programs can be tied to two fundamental areas: the cultural buy-in of the organization and the web based resources being used. Vendors cannot succeed or accurately be held accountable for results, nor can desired outcomes such as ROI be realized, if the leadership of the organization is not committed to a wellness culture. And online platforms, the medium best equipped to monitor and reinforce wellness activities, must reflect an organizational commitment to effectively engage and motivate users. Yet even when companies make the cultural commitment to wellness and embrace what that entails for their industry and workforce, their choice of web based resources is limited to mostly ‘off the shelf’ products that do not serve their best interests.

Among the salient solutions we offer clients is the ability to bridge these gaps with a virtual wellness interface that engages participation with compelling content, but which also brands and invites the company’s online presence and involvement. The buy-in from both employees and the organization is achieved through unique programming personalized for individual users and supported by community features that provide for encouragement from leadership and management.

Your Wellness Room® is a groundbreaking mobile platform and online community offering an array of stimulating, relevant, and persuasive programs in nutrition, fitness, and emotional health. Some of the top experts joining me in contributing engaging content and programming include:

  • Jeff Galloway – Olympian and America’s top running/walking coach
  • Kathy Smith – Known as ‘America’s Trainer’ for 3 decades, featured in Shape and Natural Health magazines, and bestselling author
  • Linda Shelton – Fitness Hall Of Fame Inductee and longtime Shape Magazine Fitness Editor
  • Dr. Christine Hatchard, Psy.D. – Clinical Psychologist and Director of Mosaic Psychological Associates, LLC
  • Laura Fredericks – Founder & CEO of The Ask© and money wellness expert

These are just a few of the wellness experts who create and deliver the platform’s appealing content. This innovative approach to hi-tech health changes the wellness game by engaging and motivating participants with an individualized curriculum that targets their specific needs and facilitates wellness on an emotional and behavioral level. Daily actionable audio and video programs integrated with health monitoring devices such as Fitbit are accessible with any internet-enabled device and appeal to a broad spectrum of subscribers, from those who are fitness and lifestyle conscious to the resistant and chronically health-disengaged.

With imaginative expert-driven curricula, white label branding and a community interface, Your Wellness Room® gives companies a unique opportunity to offer personalized, measurable and compelling programs and also convey the message of wellness as a value of the organization. The platform is structured on the Four Pillars of Health—Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Stress Management and Sleep Support—and reflects the core value of “Meeting People Where They Are.” Users have access to a variety of intriguing programs from top wellness experts and are supported by their colleagues and superiors, which inspires even those with chronic lifestyle diseases to participate.

In this video, Alan Winters, COO of ProActive Health Solutions, LLC, the company that built Your Wellness Room®, discusses their unique working relationship with Cathexis Therapeutic Imagery and talks about what distinguishes the platform from all other wellness offerings:

Among the notable companies currently using Your Wellness Room® programming are Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, EFactor, intelliBED, Daily Body Restore and Diet Free Life. To learn more about this innovative wellness platform, visit my branded site at cathexis.yourwellnessroom.com and view the short video on the homepage. If you are interested in a demonstration of how this programming could be integrated as a unique web based wellness resource in your organization, please contact me.

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