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A Wellness Workshop For Life Change

36398683_sThis workshop utilizes mindfulness meditation training to go directly to the root of the problem, which is the fight between the conscious and subconscious mind. Indeed, the smoker is fully aware that smoking is unhealthy, yet their attachment on a deeper level prevents them from letting go of the habit. Along with mindfulness training, this program also integrates the clinically proven methods of stop smoking hypnosis into the intervention process, and is one of the most powerful allies you can possibly enlist to achieve your goal of helping your employees stop smoking.

The Successful Outcomes

  1. Motivation and Confidence: The strong desire to stop smoking is reinforced.  Meditation and mindfulness training alters the long standing relationship participants have with tobacco. Urges and triggers related to smoking are changed forever, and they immediately embrace a new identity as a non-smoker.  
  2. Overcoming False Beliefs: Participants realize that smoking never calmed them down, comforted them, enhanced their image in any way, or fulfilled any true purpose. The idea that they ever actually needed to smoke will suddenly seem ridiculous.
  3. Regaining SensesTastes and smells quickly start improving. The odor of tobacco smoke, cigarette butts and ashes, and the strong residue they leave behind, will become increasingly unpleasant—yet this serves to strengthen the resolve of participants to be a non-smokers. The ability to sustain focus and concentration will increase as they lose preoccupation with taking smoking breaks.
  4. Meditation Skills: Participants learn meditation skills and techniques, which reinforce the subconscious suggestions that have made them non-smokers and provide a true means of relaxation and relief from daily stress and over-stimulation. 

Workshop Description

This wellness workshop takes place over a several week period and consists of hypnotherapy, therapeutic imagery, guided meditations, didactic lectures and discussions, and group exercises. Between sessions, participants reinforce their desire to quit smoking through meditation practice, homework assignments, and article readings from the materials provided. The in-session curriculum includes the following components:

  • First Session: Orientation, Smoking Cessation Techniques, Mindful Journaling, Guided Meditation
  • Second Session: Smoking Cessation Reminders, Motivational Journaling, Hypnotherapy
  • Third Session: Guided Meditation, Journaling Affirmations, Hypnotherapy

Families, Significant Others & Aftercare

Meditation & Mindfulness Training For Smoking Cessation is structured to include family members and significant others.  Aftercare is offered individually and on a group basis.

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Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht.

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