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A Wellness Workshop For Life Change

Healthy Weight & Body ImageAchieving and maintaining a healthy weight requires an integrative approach that includes diet, proper nutrition, and exercise. In the long term, combining these basic elements or “lifestyle” choices have proven successful in overcoming weight problems. Yet this approach can require a serious and sustained shift in focus, behavior, and attitude that many find overwhelming. Meditation and mindfulness training helps with the physical, psychological, and emotional challenges necessary to lose weight by focusing on developing a healthy body image, altering emotional relationships with food and eating, and providing the mindset and motivation to embrace fitness and nutrition.

The Successful Outcomes

  1. Self-TrustCrash diets and appetite suppressants undermine self-confidence.  Participants have what they need to succeed and meditation and mindfulness training engages their innate trust, self-confidence, and judgment. They discover that the routine for attaining a healthy weight is a matter of balance—just like riding a bicycle, it becomes easy and effortless once the proper stride is found.
  2. The Trance State: Sugary and fatty foods stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain in the same ways as psychoactive drugs, producing a high or ‘trance state’. Mindful meditation is a positive way for participants to alter consciousness while at the same time reinforcing their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Goodbye To Cravings: In the same way food and snack advertisements stimulate the appetite through the power of suggestion, meditation and mindfulness training dispenses cravings and replaces them with subconscious anchors urging participants to partake in healthy dietary choices.
  4. Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit: Meditation and mindfulness training awakens the deeper self and shifts perspective on how the mind functions, both in the brain and the body. Participants consciously connect with their life energy in a way that promotes dietary health, reinforces positive lifestyle decisions, and invites new attitudes about exercise and staying active.
  5. Meditation Skills: Participants learn meditation skills and daily disciplines that deepen their commitment to mindful eating and physical activity. This supports the concept of healthy body image, alleviates stress and anxiety, and provides a true means of relaxation and self-fulfillment.

Workshop Description

This wellness workshop takes place over a several week period and consists of guided meditations, therapeutic imagery, didactic lectures and discussions, and journaling exercises. Between sessions, participants reinforce their new outlook on healthy diet and body image through meditation practice, homework assignments, and article readings from the materials provided. The in-session curriculum includes the following components:

  • First Session: Orientation, Food Diary, Mindful Journaling, Mindfulness Meditation
  • Second Session:  Discussion, Therapeutic Imagery, Motivational Journaling
  • Third Session: Mindfulness Moment, Journaling Affirmations, Therapeutic Imagery

Families, Significant Others & Aftercare

Meditation & Mindfulness Training For Healthy Diet & Body Image is structured to include family members and significant others. Aftercare is offered on an individual and group basis.

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Shawn Quinlivan, C.Ht.

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